Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Introducing myself.. !

I've been frequently imagining myself being asked by somebody "what kind of a person are you?". Its kind of fascinating for me how i wanna answer that question. I am a type of person who doesn't believe in something that people have been believing around him on the basis of the fact that the people before them had exactly the same beliefs. i am a type of person who wants to believe in something on the basis of his own observation.
Now the next question i imagine myself answering too is "what do you think about god?", which is currently my favourite question too. god is... whatever you want it to be. Its the matter of faith. If you believe in something, and that something happens, the reason why your belief turned out to be true, is god. god is a faith inside our hearts, it can not be defined. for a man who believes that god exists in a statue of an idol, and his belief is stronger than anything he can think of, then god is in that statue of the idol. for me the reason his belief works, is god. in my 20 years of life experience what i understood is, i have a heart. Not that blood pumping organ, but the heart that gave me a challenge to write down words to describe it. that heart connects me with the god.
that's all i wanna share right now.. 

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

To improve, you must break yourself

"This is the point when I don't have a problem being scared. I'm nervous. I feel ok with the heart beat rising up. I breath heavy, but I'm not confused because this is what I want and I'm doing this. I know I could fail; chances are high. As been said, fear is not real but danger is very real; danger of me failing if I don't move forward. But I'm moving forward. I don't settle. Chances are that I might make it and that is for the devil to be afraid of. The devil named fear has been residing inside me, who now i know is scared as he might stop but I won't." - Manish Arora, The Thinking Turtle.

We often consider failure as the stopping point. It's not the failure that decides if you're going to win or not. It's the determination that you're ready to fail again but you can not stop, that decides your win or loss. On a road to reach your goals, you may pause for a while, but you can not stop. It's not in your nature to stop. You always have to keep moving forward. You always have to keep taking a step forward, the basic thing to do. People are afraid to break. They fear failure as if they cant stand up again when they get down. People are often unable to understand the fact that failure is necessary to improve. The human body is gifted with the ability of adaptation. Our body adapts in the environment provided to it.
source: Google.

Nobody can deny the fact that when muscle tissues break, they re-develop themselves with greater strength and efficiency so as to be able to handle the load that caused them to fail. Neither can anyone deny the fact that a person becomes mentally stronger every time he goes through a heart break. When your comfort ends and you start to struggle yourself to keep moving forward, facing the difficulty which keeps trying to hold you back, that’s when you develop strength that pushes you to go against the odds. 
When you went through something terrible and you fought, when you faced the discomfort and the pain of failure just before you broke, you created a change in yourself. Don’t be upset that u gave up. Be encouraged that u gave it your best shot before giving up. As you failed trying hard to achieve, you developed yourself and triggered the change in you. You’re body, heart and mind adopted to the situation and grew stronger so that the next time you fight, it is made sure that you fight longer and harder.

The first post

Not really my first post on any blog. I have another blog on tumblr having the same title.
What i frequently think about is creating an identity for myself. Defining the meaning of my presence in this world. Contribution of myself to the world is what i aim in my life..
On this blog i wanna share my thoughts, my experiences with you. I hope you relate them to yourself and i may somehow be of help to you. Hope i develop a nice relationship with you.. :)
My other blog- maniarora.tumbr.com