Tuesday, May 13, 2014

As soon as you accept yourself.

As soon as you accept yourself.
• you calm down.
you don't have to struggle to change something about you.
• you start living with yourselves. You start liking yourselves.
• you realise your gifts. You start admiring your abilities.
• you realise your uniqueness.
you forgive yourself.
• you stand for yourself.
you got your own back.
• you start working towards improving your own skills.
• you start upgrading yourself rather than changing yourself.
• you realise your goals better and all of a sudden it becomes easier to work hard.
Deep down we all know what's unique about us, how could we not know, we've been living with that shit throughout our lives. It's the fear of how the world would react, that we're unable to accept what makes us. Here's a thing. Don't tell them. Don't use your words to describe what you are, they won't listen. Use your actions. Do what you wanna do and they'll see. Believe in yourself and they'll believe too.
Keep that thing lighted up in yourself that drives you. They don't need to understand what you're going through. They'll watch you when you shine with your own light.