Friday, May 23, 2014

Courage And Strength

"Courage isn't having the strength to go on. it is to go on even if you don't have strength"

Courage is a funny thing. Courage can not exist if fear doesn't prevail. It is important to experience the fear of giving up in the situations when you have to make a decision to keep fighting or to back off. We have an unlimited amount of strength within us. Our capabilities are endless. What we can make possible with our actions, can not be measured. But that strength is required to be found within, and pulled out, and courage is the tool required to do so. In life we face moments when we know we have a lot of strength reserved inside of us but we just don't feel like going on with it and decide to give in, maybe because the reason why we started doing it lost its importance, or faded away. On the other side their are moments when we just don't wanna give in. We decide to keep going because giving in is just not considered an option. We know right away that we aren't going back with this thing. We're here to do it and we will. we decide. its our decisions that produce courage and in turn, strength. 

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Turning dreams into realities requires a belief. A belief that the hard work will pay off. If you believe in your goals, all you need to do is keep taking a step forward. Now that seems like a simple task but it isn't. No its not that difficult too, if you believe so. And that's where courage comes in. Sometimes it requires a hell lot of courage to take the next step. But hey, the results are a hell lot bigger too. So keep walking. You are strong. All you need to do is decide and hold on to that decision.