Friday, May 16, 2014

Deciding the next step.

So many times in life people get caught up with options. So many times we have more than one path to choose from. Those stops, where we have to make a choice are the stops where a large amount of negativity enters our mind. "What if we make a bad decision?" "what if this is the wrong path?" "what if I get a dead end?" "what if I'm not successful?" "What if I don't get what I want?" ~ some sick questions we ask ourselves. I have been asking myself the same questions for days now, until i started writing again. Do I really need to worry ? Do we really need to exhaust our minds on questions that do nothing but create more questions? When I decided that I'm going to make this blog my profession, i did expect difficulties but I never really gave a thought to this kind of situation, where my point of interest looses its stability. That's totally human we make mistakes while we're amateurs, but this is what l've learned- You're always gonna attract more and more negativity when you do nothing.

there's an old saying where I'm from. "खाली दिमाग शैतान का घर" ~ on translation, it means, In empty minds resides Satan. You have to keep moving forward. All you need to do is keep moving forward. I've been posting the link of that article in almost all of my blogs now. This made me wonder that everything I say and everything I read tells me to keep moving forward. That's what I've been missing out lately. I stopped moving forward and I let my mind deviate with the negative thoughts. Sometimes it is healthy to let yourself go off balance so that you can learn to face challenges. But life is like a bicycle, you have to keep moving to stay in balance. Just remember that whatever path your walking on, it is the path that you chose for yourself when you were asked to take a decision. So keep walking and keep working hard on it, because its your job to work hard and not to worry about the results. You'll always have choices, You'll have to decide. You make sure that you're smiling when you're trying to decide something.

"there can be either hard work or regret." 
In the toughest situations of life, what causes stress is the question "what am i supposed to do" or "what should i do now". The confusion that prevails is enough to plant a seed of negativity in our minds that we might not be successful, or things might not go as planned.

Tackle that confusion. Don't let the fears haunt you. Realize your options. Go through the consequences and prepare yourself. Keep making decisions and don't stop. Because if you stop making decisions for yourself, you're committing a spiritual suicide. Life is a journey. All you need to do is keep taking a step forward.