Sunday, May 18, 2014

Understanding Reality.

"Our essence of mind is intrinsically pure. All things are only it's manifestations, and good deeds and evil deeds are only the result of good thoughts and evil thoughts respectively. Imagination, thoughts and will make deeds, and by our deeds we make ourselves. all that we are is the result of our thoughts; it is founded on our thoughts, made up of our thoughts." - The Patriach Hui-neng
"The stuff of which the world of our experience is composed, in my belief, neither mind nor matter, but something more primitive than either. Both mind and matter seem to be composite, and the stuff of which they are compounded lies in a sense between the two, in a sense above them both, like a common ancestor." - Bertrand Russell, the analyst of mind.

The truth is not based on religion.  Religion is something that divides people based on the way they carry out the truth, sort of like languages. "god is one" and "भगवान एक है" clearly means the same thing, the only difference being in the way one speaks.

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Talking about the truth, very few people actually understand the meaning of truth. truth is what you believe. if you believe in something, and your belief is stronger than anything in existence, then, being the law of nature, you will get the evidence of it being true. truth exists nowhere but in our own minds. We make decisions based on what we've experienced. We accept the truth based on the knowledge that has been spoon fed to us since we were kids. We have been made to believe in something that we never observed. some people are comfortable with that, some are not. The ones who accept the fact that they know minimal, are the ones who gain the true knowledge about reality.

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People come into this world. They observe and absorb. They learn about how things work, figure out facts based on which, they carry out their lives. Those facts according to me, is the truth, that can vary from person to person. some facts exists that are called "truth" by people but if i have nothing to do with those facts, i wont consider them as the "truth". Truth for one person maybe a lie for another, as both of them may have different believes. Their believes are based on what they have experienced through out their lives. What one believes, is the only knowledge that's going to help him through his life. Thus said, Truth is what you believe.  
"Every person on earth has the same ability to adapt. If everyone went through the same experiences, there won't be any differences. A person is made from what he's been through. A person makes a decision based on his experiences. People are all the same but each one of them has a uniqueness."
I consider myself lucky to live on a land where our ancestors have done so much for us. Wise men have lived through the time, who based on simple fact "Truth is what you believe", laid down immeasurable knowledge, delivered to us as texts and stuff. All of that knowledge must have been derived from a basic fundamental idea, a primary principal. Our ancestors sort of explained how the life can be lead in the right way by realizing the truth and following it. They give us our ways. And our ways can differ based on regional dissimilarities, as different lands have had different ancestors. But all those ways point towards an ultimate knowledge, just like a tree with its many roots. As i think, cultures are different roots that lead to the one quintessential tree, the same knowledge. With all said, the bottom line is, you have to believe for something to be true.