Friday, June 20, 2014

What do you want to be when you grow up?

I was asked to write a short story in the "blank space". The blank Space is a book that is going to be published by an organisation that believes in providing education to the people by any means enjoyable. I was told to keep the way of writing such that i was targeting the audience who have a habit of running away from books. Sounds cool right? lol. So i wrote it, trying to keep it simple. Here it is. If you like it, please tell me :)

What do you want to be when you grow up?

Once, there used to be a shy boy, who, like every other average boy or a girl around him, used to go to school, attend classes and come home. There was something different about him. He always lagged behind in his grades, and never did he talk much. He never used to do things that are generally presumed by the society when a child starts falling down in his grades. He was well behaved, well mannered, quite spoken. His teachers confused, his parents worried, started assuming that he may have a mental problem. Little did they know what went through his own mind; little did he himself know what went through his own mind.

The boy had a habit of wondering about how things would have been different if he would have acted differently in the day to day situations he faced. He wondered so much that a normal person would call him a “day dreamer”. He always tried hard in his studies but most of his hard work was wasted in just trying to concentrate on what it is that he’s reading. He could never concentrate because of his habit of wondering; neither could he tell anyone about it, because he himself didn't know what the problem was. So he just kept trying hard and somehow he went through his school.

After finishing his school, he had to decide what career he wanted to make his own. He chose the subjects that seemed to be cool and well paying in the future but were really tough for him. With courage, he decided to go on with the tough subjects. Later on he figured out he had the same problem in college; he couldn't concentrate in his studies. But he never lost hope. He started dedicating his time in finding out methods for “how to do well in studies”. After a lot of research he came across a book called “the secret”. That book, the secret, proved to be a real secret that was worth the hardship he has gone through all his life till now.  From the book, he learned that we can do or we can be whatever we want to, if we believe in ourselves. He really liked that concept and decided to search more about the knowledge he received from the book. As he, step by step, kept going deeper and deeper into his research, he came across immense knowledge. Soon he realized the fact that the identity of a person is made from what he or she has gone through. He started to accept himself and his habits to wonder about things. He always enjoyed wondering about how life works and how people behave and why they do so. So he started converting his thoughts into texts. He started writing, and he enjoyed it. After starting to dedicate his time and resources in doing something he liked, it didn't take him much time to realize that he can really be successful. He realized how sharp he was and how well his mind worked. After doing a lot of hard work, he became a successful writer.

The title of the story “what do you want to be when you grow up” signifies a lesson, that whenever somebody asks you this question; always tell them what you like. Always take time to think about what you love to do, because it’s always better to work hard for something you love, rather than working hard for something that you don’t.
The end.

To everyone who read the story, I want to ask this "do you wanna do something that is not what you're doing right now? do you want to be on any other path ?" . The most interesting part of the life is to identify who you are and what you really wanna be. Most of the people live in an illusion created by people surrounding them, telling them what's good for them and what's not. Nobody can tell you what you have to do; their job is to advise, not create boundaries. Its not only your choice but your responsibility to decide how your are going to contribute to the society. It's best for both you and the world that you do what you want to do and what you're best at. You know what you're best at. Once you've decided what you are and what you want to become, turning your dreams into reality is not a big deal.