Monday, January 5, 2015

Introducing myself. Again.

Hey people. So a friend told me to take this workshop called Blogging101 on wordpress. Since anybody can tell by looking at the stats of my blog, i suck at blog promotion, I'm taking the workshop. Lol. I'll be posting new articles everyday for four weeks. They say they're gonna take me from "blog?" To "blog!" So I'm pretty serious about it.
This being my first assignment, is an introduction of myself and my blog. I've been blogging for about 6 months now and i did an introductory post in the past too but that was just an introduction of myself. This time, to help you guys get an idea of what my blog is about and why you should read it, I'm gonna try and answer a set of questions for you. So here goes.
Q1. Why am i bogging publicly, rather than keeping a personal journal?
Ans. Frankly, i think it's cool. Ha ha. If you know me, you probably know that I'm a deep thinker. I love philosophy. I've always been an observer, a listener, an advisor, a counselor. I like to read people, to try and figure out why a person does what he does and what effects his behaviour. As soon as i realised that this is one thing i can play with, i started blogging. And the reason i chose to blog rather than keeping a personal journaI is that I like the fact that I maybe of help to people by sharing my thoughts and ideas. And also, I love talking about life issues and debating on philosophical subjects. So if you start a discussion in comments, I'll be more than pleased.
Q2. What topics I'll write about?
Ans. As i told you, i love to talk about life issues and philosophy. I'm a thinker and a deep one. Hence the name, The Thinking Turtle. For the record, Turtle signifies wisdom. So the motto of my blog has been to write whatever comes to my mind. Any random thing can trigger a debate in me. There was this one time when my mum made me a cup of tea and i made a new post out of it. - chai. It's one of my favourite posts and also the post I spent the least time on. Do check it out.
Q3. Who would I love to connect with via my blog?
Ans. I really wish someday my dad will read all my posts and call me and apologise for treating me as a good for nothing idiot. Lol. Obviously I'm kidding. He knows I'm a genius. ( --_--) Anyways, it's you who i wanna connect with. It's always been you. I told you I'd be more than pleased if you lighted up a discussion in the comments section. To be frank, I want people to recognise me as the one who says wise words. I like it when somebody is effected by something said by me, or when I'm effected by something positive said by somebody else. Bottom line being, it's you guys i love to share stuff with. I know right. I love you too <3
So I'm gonna call it a day. That was my introduction. If you liked it, please share my blog and if you'd like to say something or ask me something, please speak to me. Ask me anything. Let's talk. Let's be friends and let's make beautiful moments here on my blog. oh and don't forget to checkout my facebook page at .
Ps- I still suck at blog promotion. Help me!!!