Wednesday, October 14, 2015

The Thoughts of a Fresher

"Sometimes I wish to meet people who don't have to worry about staying competent, people who don't have to think about keeping up with all the current affairs and know all the stuff about their country's economy to keep feeling like a deserving citizen. Sometimes I wish I was surrounded by people who don't always lay so much importance on having a safe and secure lifestyle or people who don't worry about maintaining their worth in the market. Sometimes I want to be around people who just talk art and appreciate love and tattoos and people who appreciate creativity in any form; people who appreciate having a good time over competition. 
I don't want to train my mind to work like a guy who's gonna crack all the competitive exams or someone who knows everything about his field of education. I believe that their are people out their who don't need to differentiate between their work life and their household; people who don't have to have professions other than their hobbies. 
I'm no black sheep. I don't want to be an agitator or go against everything these people do or say or tell me to do. I don't want to be an outlaw or a fucking revolutionist. I just want to be happy and make people happy. I want to do cool stuff and have fun and I want to be with like minded people. I want to have a mind that is not restricted by boundaries and stupid ideologies. I want to fail and learn and achieve and do phenomenal things. I want to fly and ride and make friends and share. I want to be looked up by someone."

"I think I should complete today's target first."