Thursday, February 18, 2016

My time to suck.

What to write?

I am at this moment making an effort to create a blog post, and it’s solely because I just saw the trailer of AT2UI and I feel fucking motivated to do something mega awesome with this life in this world. Like I’m literally imagining myself being looked up by so many fan faces who adore my beautiful writings and fuck knows, even my videos. Who knows what I can achieve. Although I do feel I’m a better writer now after reading all those books. No I didn’t read any guide to become a good writer. They were just a couple self help books and a couple mythologies and one physics classic that I believe is a real philosophical piece of art created by a genius who had a lot of time to properly observe the universe. No really. He did have a lot of time because he’s Stephen Hawkins. If you don’t know who he is then go make you dumbass look it up on Google, while I let myself feel proud of finishing and actually understanding a book written by Stephen fucking Hawkins. What? It’s a big deal for me. Got a problem? Keep it to yourself.

So I started off with reading the UNLEARN 101 by humble the poet because I admire Humble’s writing and speaking style so much i thought I could learn a lot of things from him. By reading a book, you get to spend time with the author’s mind, you sit and listen to what he says and you make yourself think the way he thinks and you are introduced to the way he sees the world. What can be a better way to learn from someone than actually diving into that person’s brain? Moreover I was also moved by a new realization that I cannot be a good writer unless I’m a good reader. And to become a good reader I had to look away from all the shitty blogs I was surrounded with. And I admit I haven’t read my own writings since then. They’re a pain to read. Seriously. You’re better off without checking out my other blog posts down below. But it’s your call. Maybe you’ll like them. To think about it, people did actually like them when I started writing. Well either way it turned out that I really did learn a lot from Humble. And then I wanted to find more creators like him and man, did we find some awesome dudes. To this date, Mark Manson, Humble the Poet, Devdutt Pattanaik and Stephen Hawkins make up my list of the most admired writers. I know my list is missing a lot of writers that would probably be way better but you see, along with being an amateur writer I am also an amateur reader. I’m a young pirate in this huge sea. I’m a rookie and these are pretty much all the creators I have taken inspiration from. Of course as I continue on this amazing journey of reading and writing I will get to expand my mind and come across a lot of people who will give me mindgasms. But I’m amazed to see how an amateur writer like me can create such a fine piece of work. I guess I’m a quick learner. Ha Ha kidding I’m just motivated. I can’t even say I don’t give a monkey about the haters who’ll comment shit on my blog, because I don’t have a readership to begin with. Ha ha I just embarrassed myself. It’s normal. People do that when they’re alone. They talk funny to themselves and they laugh it off and they don’t realize, but it helps them maintain their sanity. Imagine you no more have the ability to speak freely when you’re alone. Even when nobody’s around, you still have to keep that happy cheerful and socially acceptable face on. How would you like that?

I’m not going to explain how, but this shows that people tend to be much truer to themselves when they’re alone. Speaking of! I’m about to arrive at a very special point that I intend to make by writing this post. Not having to write anything in such a long time and being practically at bottom of bottoms in the blog pond, I’m going to take this opportunity to create shit. It’s my time to suck. Because one thing that I learned from Lilly Singh and one thing that is tattooed on the walls of my heart is that if I’m ever going to become an awesome writer, it is only going to be by creating shit over shit with faith and consistence, till I start shitting gold. It’s my pretty way of saying “fail till I succeed”. Now I love you if you get my point and if you even decided to read this article and made it here till the end of this post. No seriously. I love you. No that’s not a proposal you dumbass I’m just letting you know that I love you. You can fuck off now. Don’t you have anything better to do?