Wednesday, February 15, 2017

This is how things get complicated for an adult lad.

There is this 23 years old guy who is my friend. He couldn't complete his degree in time but he is trying very hard to make the ends meet. He has a night shift job and a family to look after. His sister has a newborn baby and a nearly broken marriage. His parents are well, dealing with their own issues. 

there is this girl of the same age who is also a friend - or used to be- who did complete her degree but didn’t do well in developing a required level of self-worth necessary for functioning properly especially in this part of the world. She also works hard, taking up hobby classes, developing her creativity. She says she is trying to find happiness. But that’s not it. The way I see it, she is also trying very hard to somehow deal with her own share of problems, which also happen to include the stereotypical Indian family issues that a young girl has to face.

There is this another really close friend who is a brown belt martial artist, has been a dancer at the kingdom of dreams, boasts a couple of abs, works with a nice corporate firm as a graphic designer, earns a decent amount, owns a couple of motorcycles which he loves, looks good and gives out this warm and welcoming aura. What else could the guy possibly want right? unfortunately for him, we don’t really remember when he last had a healthy sleep. He isn’t an all out insomniac but he does have stuff that keeps him up.

And then there’s me. I’m also 23, jobless. I’d hate to be a civil engineer but then the degree won’t be of any use. Although that’s not the only reason I’m unemployed. I have been studying for a bunch of entrance exams so I can make a smooth switch into a different line of work. Over the years I have developed a terrible sense of fear of doing something I won’t enjoy doing or working to get some results I don’t even want. Seeing where our generation is headed now, this thought seems a bit clich├ęd but it does use up a lot of my thinking space and I can’t help it. Maybe it grew out of the fact that I have been an incompetent lad almost all of my childhood. God knows I’m confused to the depths of my heart and I don’t know which direction to focus my energy in.

We bunch of people have a thing in common. We consider ourselves a bit different from a very common group of people who our parents think are the better ones. Out there, we have a group of successful graduates/ entrepreneurs/ strugglers who are a benchmark. This may make sense and they may be the perfect examples for us to follow but that case would only be valid if we did share the same sense of success to begin with. We may be working really hard for something we wish to achieve, something as trivial as finding a balance between work and family, between discipline and satisfaction, between survival and fun. But this hard work sometimes isn’t enough to earn support from our loved ones who fail to contemplate what is actually going on because it’s difficult for them to imagine us living a life which is not the same that they wished for us. It simply is difficult especially when this confusion is topped with a lack of communication which is also a very prestigious part of our culture. That’s why things get so complicated.